Tuesday First of August 2017, Alcudia


We get up early, to be the first at the pump, before the daily rush for gas is starting. Also here a lot of powerboats, «bowls» how we call them a bit deprecatory. The owners of «bowls» may forgive us for calling their boats like this. We get about 200 liters of gazole from the marinero at the pump.  Obviously he is used for bigger volumes eaten by those engine monsters. At least we can fill up our watertanks here and then go back to anchor outside the marina. We put our repaired dinghy back to water. Hey, great, everything stays dry inside. Our glueing was a full success. Proudly we put our stuff into our dinghy and off we go to the quay.
But help, what’s that? Our dinghy is leaking like a sieve. Water is running in from everywhere. Ontop of that, the outboarder stops working about 200m off-land and cant’t be brought back to live even checking the gas and this and that. So we have to take our oars and paddle the remaining stretch with a leacking dinghi. Now, this is it! We need a reliable dinghy and a reliable outboarder. After a while we found a shop with the specific parts. On top of that the outboarder is less weighty than our old 20kg monster. With sad feelings we have to say goodbye to Snoopy1, we tried a lot to fix her again and again, without success.
In the afternoon two proud owners of a new dinghy are landing at the quay. It is hot and wet like in the tropics. All water and beer we are drinking is somehow disappering in our bodies. We would prefer to lay in the fridge at the supermarket whitch was put down by the owner. At least we could use one of their trolleys to carry all the stuff to our dinghy.
The evening is also not realy cooling down a bit, it is raining a bit but too little to wash the brown dust from the deck. There is a pure spectacle of lightnings around us. At least they are a bit further off. It reminds me to my own experience with a lightning strike some 30 years ago, I am not eager to renew this here. I still have that piping noise in my ears since then.
The night is also tropic, we have the hatches completley open, too bad, we forgot to put our mosquitonets on. Some of these bloodthursty beests find their way into our cabin.
Strange feeling the First of August, National Celebration Day without fire, firework and speeches. We think of Nico, who is travelling to Wacken for the metallic festival. At least his weather forecasts are better, beside a cool event and good bands to see and hear.



Wednesday, 2.8.2017 Alcudia

After another sweatty hot night we are glad to have our jump into the sea in the morning. After that we go for a walkt o find the old part of Alcudia. Doris is asking the way in a near boutique. It is not hat far, about 20 minutes to walk but with that temperature. The old part of Alcudia we like very much all these narrow alleys and shaddy places. During the walk we need one or two breaks with some cold drink otherwise….. We are looking forward to have a bath when being back at Santjana.


Thursday, 3.8.2017 Alcudia – Bahia de Arta

At 0.30 Uhr Santjana makes some strange movements which wake me up. The first gusts above 25 knots of an approaching thunderstorm. We check the situation around us and on the plotter, the anchor is still fast. The wind is decreasing and so I go to my bunk again. After about ten minutes the is increasing dramatically, it is pipping outside, there are lighntings around us and pipping even more. In gusts of more tan 45 knots weg o adrift. Starting the engine and hauling the anchor but what? A rusty chain is hanging our anchor making it defficult to get rid of it in a pitchdark night. After a few minutes the anchor is cleared again, we turn some circles and anchor again a bit far off. The anchor is ok this time but we take watches in turns to prevent another drifting. We still see ligthnings around us which makes clear that the whole thing is not over yeet.
Somewhat delayed we start our trip southbound. Wind is very weak today still the engine keeps the fridge cold. Arround Cabo Farrutz and Cabo es Freu we sail south, along the coast. On the nrth end of Bahia de Arta we find a nice place to anchor above 5 m over sand. The motor boats disappear one after the other and the bay gets empty again.


Friday, 4. 8.2017 Bahia de Arta – Ensenada de Sa Rapita


The bath in the cool sea is absolutely fabulous, much different than the warm water of Alcudia or even Fornells. Pure refreshment. We can see lots of fishes around us, waiting for the remainings of our breakfast. The weather forecast write something about only weak winds, too weak for setting our sails. So we motor-sailalong the coast line of Mallorcas southeast coast. Again much traffic on the water, especially the bowls with their foaming bow- and stern wave are absolutely annoing. Especially on days with weak wind they leave us with wobbling sails in their stern waves. Obviously we are unvisible for these «gentlemen» since they could pass us in bigger distance. Obviously the fuel does not allow this or their brains does not allows this?
How ever, we reach Punta Salinas in the very south of Malllorca in the late afternoon after passing the nice villages of Porto Christo and Porto Colom. Very nice places with lovely ports. But crowded at the moment. The sea arround Punta Salinas is taking on a turqoise colour mainly known in the Caribbean. At the anchoring place at Playa Es Trench there are almost 60 boats of deiffernt size, nationalities. We hardly find a place at the edge, unfortunately above rocks.


Saturday, 5.8.2017 Playa es Trench, San Jordi


We can see a lot of fishes around us which scuffle for our rests of breakfast. It is almost as swimming in an aquarium. We take the dinghy to San Jordi. The hotel, where we spent our honeymoon almost thirty years ago, is still standing. Today the village is nearly empty since everybody is at the beach. Only with luck we find an open restaurant for a beer. As it is too hot in the town we soon leave again with some fresh vegetables and fruits in the direction Santjana. We can swim there and cool down and the wind generatro produces enough power to keep the fridge cool. I’m diving again to check the anchor and find the chain entangeled around some rocks. That will be intersting tomorrow to haul the anchor in these circumstances!


Sunday, 6.8.2017 Playa Es Trench - El Arenal
We have to weave out the chain from the rocks underneath. After a few forth and back we manage to free the chain from the rocks and to haul the anchor. With a nice breeze from abaft we sail towards El Arenal where we meet Nicolai tomorrow again. We are looking forward to this very moment since weeks! It was a very special moment four months ago when we said good bye to him in the central staion of Basel.
Around Cabo Blanco the course leads us into the big bay of Palma de Mallorca where the big sail event, Copa del Rey took place during the last week.

We experienced the Copa del Rey ourselves when we chartered the first time a sailboat  on the Balearics. Rounding the last cape we were suddenly among hunderets of racing boats all of them heading against us. We managed to stay somehow at the edge of this crowd heading for Palma de Mallorca. Copa del Rey was also the reason why we stayed at El Arena las all marinas at Palma where occupied with boats attending or watching Copa del Rey. We have a very nice breeze, perfect to sail but a bit too strong to go into the marina. We take our time and wait until the wind weakens more and more and allows for a perfect berthing at the marina of El Arenal.  Then the usual jobs like washing, giving the boat a scrub, cleaning, and last but not least a shower for ourselves. Then of course a cold glass of Radler at the bar oft he – Really the dream after a hot day!


Monday, 7.8.2017 El Arenal (Nico is arriving)


We have breakfast in the restaurant at the beach promenade. The host is very active with watering her plants in the garden restaurant, moving chairs and table and giving orderst o her employees. She has her eyes everywhere.
The bus is arriving at half past twelve but without Nico?! Wrong bus or did he missed the bus? Suddenly I get hugged from him from behind. What a joy of being eunited after this long time!
Hving a few tapas in the very gardenrestaurant we have a lot to talk and we come tot he coclusion that the time sice April passed by really fast for all of us. On board Nico establishes himself in the sterncabin, only too good we cleared everything out o fit yesterday as it was a bit cramped before. We are looking forward for next few days together. The afternoon and evening are passing by very fast with telling each other what we experienced the last few weeks and months.


Tuesday, 8.8.2017 El Arenal (Bus trip to Palma)


We take the bus to Palma which leave the bus stop in time in front of the Club Nautico weg. After a racy ride we arrive at the central bus station underground below the Placa d’Espanya. From here we continue walking towards Placa Mayor. But before that we have another Cafe con Leche and Croissants. Since we couldn’t decide between Grande and Pequeno we take one each. We are too glad that we didn’t choose «Grande» since they were really big.
Walking through narrow and shaddy alleys with many shops we find our way to Placa Mayor, then finally towarts the port under shaddy trees. We look for shade everywhere since it is only hot today and we have hardly wind. But there are many bars and restaurants which offer something cool and against thirst. The tapas at Don Piero taste really delicious and the cafe at last wakes up again.
  It is already afternoon but prior travelling home we want to visit  the Cathedrale of Palma. It is here where the most tourist can be found. StMany street performer try in one or the other way to get some money from the tourist crowd. As White Valentino selling red roses tot he ladies or roman gladiator perorming some kind of fictive sword fight or as  clown selling some rubber animal balloons to kids.
The Cathedrale is very impressive, the construction is dated back to 12 BC. Conspicious that there are no real towers. Also the court house with ist wood carving on the roof are worth to see.

It is past five when the bus leaves the central station again back to El Arenal. Wow, our bus driver must have had already a career as racing pilot before! But still we arrive at the bus stop in time and healty. We have to buy a few things again at the «Super market» but we are glad since we are three now to take the burden.


Wednesday, 9.8.2017 El Arenal – Playa es Trench


It is already half past ten when we cut our lines and start in direction of Playa es Trench. First there is no wind at all, so run the engine. Then there is wind, set sails. After twenty minutes no wind again, then again wind but directly onto our nose. Since we are close to our place where we want to anchor, we leave the engine running. This time we anchor in turqoise blue water in 4m depth over sand. The check with a short dive shows that the anchor is nicely digged in. There is quite some wind announced fort he next night and in the distance we hear thunder rumbling.


Thursday, 10.8.2017 – Playa es Trench


Around a quarter to one at night the wind is increasing a lot and I keep anchor watch. It looks like a thunderstorm, which is leaving us aside finally, but still there are lightnings everywhere around us in a distance. In the morning the weather is improving again, but it is raining and unfriendly cool. In the afternoon Nico and I put the outboarder on to our dinghy. Then we three chug to San Jordi.
There first a big Radler on land and buying some fresh stuff.
We three enjoy the onboard Santjana. Around the bowls are leaving their places and the bay is getting quiet and peaceful. The scenerie is perfect by the absolute
fabulous sundown which we can’t get enough of it.

Freitag, 11.8.2017 – Playa Es Tench
In the morning the wind is forecasted as rather weak and leaving us practically with no wind during the day. We leave sailing aside therefore and spend some hours on the beach. In the early afternoon the wind is blowing quite strong into the pushing waves into the bay. The return with our dinghy is not as easy as in the morning and entering the dinghy from the beach against the waves is quite sportive. Punctual at 21.00 the wind stops are forcasted, incredible! Afterwards it blows from the
opposite direction. The tapas composition of Doris taste all of us only too good. Together with a glass of rosé, we talk and laugh a lot together. It is only a great joy to spend our time together with Nico here in a relaxed atmosphere.
We remember the moment at Basel when we said good-bye to him and Dodo, whobrought us to the train station from where we disappeared to Brittany. When we are underway we think often back to such moments to Nico and all the loved-ones we left behind. The price tob e payed for our adventure and freedom.


Saturday, 12.8.2017 Playa Es Trench – El Arenal
The night is quiet, complete contrary compared to the night before. After breakfast and a last jump into the clear water we prepare the return to El Arenal. Together with Nico I haul the anchor and anchorball, set sail and enjoy the smooth movements sailing back passing Cabo Blanco and the upper smaller capes into the bay of Palma de Mallorca. But more important than sailing big distances is the time spending together here, the moment of saying goodbye again is approaching very quickly!

Arrived at the marina of El Arenal some minor jobs awaiting us, then we take the chance for an extensive shower ano enjoying the night life of El Arenal later on. Dining at a TexMex we enjoy even the plate are much to large. A last beer together and then lets call it a day and return to the boat.

Sunday, 13.8.2017 -  El Arenal
Ufff, much too fast the morning call wakes us all, calling us back to reality. We join again for a coffee and a croissant in the near garden restaurant and then a last Radler for a «Anluve und Abfalleall three together!» b prior a long hug fort he good -bye! Then there’s the bus, Nico disappears in the door, the door closes and the bus disappears around the next corner. We stay there and have to get used to this first. Too nice were the days we three together. We look already forward to our next get together which takes a bit of patience. But anticipation is also pleasant and the memory of these days together will stay for a long time also.


Monday 14.8.2017 – El Arenal

We stay another day in this marina, as Doris hast o get her glases this late afternoon at the optician in Palma. First weg o over the stuff stored in our locker and sort out the thing we haven’t used the last three month to free up a bit of space. Then we have breakfast in our cockpit, it is getting already warm outside and in the boat as well. Then I find some time to write again on this blog and to use the optimal Internet connectivity in this marina to upload the blog. No clue when we have such a good performance  in the future.