Log January 2017


During January 2017, we go over our belongings selecting what to keep and what to get rid off. In our apartment and cellar boxes, bags an kitbags were piling up. How on earth will this all fit into our car since we had only planned for two drives between Switzerland and Brittany….


End of January half of our belongings is stowed in our car hardly leaving space for the two of us in front. We rented an apartment in Herbinac close to our new boat. This gives us the opportunity we work on the boat without driving back and forth from Switzerland to Brittany, provided the weather will allow this….


The weather in Brittany is rather cold and we were glad having an apartment with excellent heating during this timeframe.


Finally, we receive the keys to our future new home on the water for the next time including the necessary documentation, which allows us to register the yacht in Switzerland and flying the Swiss flag on its stern.